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Word Of Encouragement

Word Of Encouragement (Job 8:21)


Let The Holy Spirit Take Over

Job 8:21
“He will fill your mouth with laughter. Shouts of joy will come from your lips.” (NIRV)

Be Encouraged…
When you get into the full presence for the Lord, your Holy Spirit will start to take over.  You heart will be full of joy so much that you want to be able to express in gladness and rejoice. Once you get into that mode, remember it so you are able to get into the full presence of the Lord. Many things will lead up to that experience. It can be just prayer or worship. Or sometimes the Lord will start to speak to your heart and the Holy Spirit will react with joy because its coming from Him. Let Him in. Surround yourself in His presence and the let the overflow go through you.

Let Us Pray…
Father God, we seek you to get into full presence with you. Our hearts want to be filled with the Holy Spirit so we can be able to express the joy and be able shout out your name. Speak to our hearts. Come to us in full mode, in Jesus name we pray, Amen!

Jesus Love You,
Minister Carmelo Angel Ruiz


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