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About The Ministry:

Carmelo Angel AKA Minister Carmelo Angel Ruiz.

For over 10 years in the entertainment industry, Carmelo Angel was in and out in the business of music, acting, film, radio, production, etc.. He was close to big feature roles and record deal but hit a big wall. For years he couldn’t understand why he couldn’t break through that wall. In 2006, Carmelo Angel took a break from the industry. It wasn’t until in 2008, Carmelo Angel who was also known as Angel Boy passed away and became a new man in Christ and was born again.

God revealed the truth. It was Him who Carmelo Angel needed to follow, not the world. A revelation was revealed to the heart of Carmelo Angel, Psalms 98:4 “ Shout joyfully to the Lord , all the earth, break forth in song, rejoice and sing praises.” The gifts and talents were to be used in His name. Since then, Carmelo Angel began in a new journey and felt his heart was to pursue the industry in a new whole new way, using the arts for outreach and continue with discipleship. After feeling the Holy Spirit coming alive, Carmelo Angel announced the vision and Christ led the way.

In 2010-11, began the first step towards that vision. Carmelo Angel is currently attending Summit Bible College to receive Masters in Divinity and Doctorate in Ministry. He also received ordination in ministry for Summit Worship Center. While attending the college, Minister Carmelo began to network with other ministries to help with evangelism and discipleship in the ministry. Minister Carmelo Angel partnered and received an ordination as a Chaplain for Healing Word International. Another ministry Minister Carmelo Angel is currently working with to bring discipleship is called Freedom In Christ Ministries, where Carmelo Angel is receiving credits to council and disciple with the use of FIC.

Sports and baseball was also in Minister Carmelo Angel heart and also part of the vision. Carmelo Angel is volunteering and receiving credits to become a Chaplain for Fellowship of Christian Athletes and Baseball Chapel.


Ordained and Licensed Minister for Summit Worship Center

Affiliated with Summit Worship Center 501 (C)(3) Non-Profit Organization

Ordained Chaplain for Healing Word International