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A Word from Minister Carmelo Angel

Counseling Children As A Christian

        Counseling Children As A Christian

        by Minister Carmelo Angel

    When counseling adults, Christian counselors will have there one on one session and build the repertoire with counselees. Its very different when counseling children. At times the Christian counselor will be involved with the children directly, but more the emphasis will be on parental guidance.# Counselors will need the help from parents and to help the guidance with the children. Parental guidance play key factor and partnership with the counselors. Children will look up to the parents for support and guidance through when dealing with counseling sessions. They already established a trust bond with the parent and when a child counselee works with a unknown counselor or mentor, it takes time to build the repertoire between the child and counselor. Counselors need to establish that trust with the children and with the parents support of counseling it creates a more of open atmosphere between the counselor and counselee.

   There are different factors go in the situation to find the problems with the counselees. One topic to take consideration when trying to find results from the counselee is to look at child-rearing. How, when, and where children are raised can be can an impact in development in child-rearing growth. The environment and culture can play a factor and can be also be used as an excuse in a behavior of children. So when educating, disciplining children, parents may use “time has changed since we were young” phrase but no matter what as Christians parents, getting biblical guidelines will never change. 

    In going back to parental guidance, parents have to recognize that they play a big key factor in the session between the counselor and counselee. What Counselors expect in child-rearing from parents to children is that parents need to for fill their part in teaching, guiding and raising the children. The same goes with children interacting with the parents and how they treat their parents during child-rearing. Counselors will try to fill in the missing holes and show parents what needs to be adjusted between child-rearing.

    From what we expect from parents can be taken from Ephesians 6:4, “An you fathers do not provoke your children to wrath, but bring them up in the training and admonition of the lord.”# Parents need to show love and respect for children as young adults. Be a good example and to model good Christian behavior. Parents need to keep Gods decrees and commands. Parents are role models, if they don’t obey, children will follow their steps.

 From what we expect from children can be taken from Ephesians 6:1-3,

 “1.Children obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right. 2. Honor your father and mother which is the first commandment with promise: 3. That it may be well with you and live long on the earth.”# Children need to show the respect to parents and show obedience.

   There are so many causes and effects that we find children in the stages of child-rearing. Its up to the counselors, with the support from parents, to try to figure what causes the children the way they are and what are the effects that can happen because of the way children are being raised in the child-rearing stages. During the beginning sessions and the time with creating repertoire with the children and parents, counselors can usually find what the problems are with the counselees. At times, children and parents do not even agree on what constitutes a problem. A parent may view disobedience as a source of family stress, but the child may not see this as a problem at all.#

   Counselors may recognize the cause problems within childhood development and psychopathology or problems that can come from root issues, examples would be retardation, depression, mental illness, etc. When counselors are able to find the causes, it will come clear to show and explain to the parents what the effects will be if the problem doesn’t come to a solution. Many effects can occur that can cause blame between parents, children, communities, societies, etc. It is important to recognize and for parents to cooperate in order to come to a solution.

   Cooperation and understanding from the parents are important. Even if it comes out that the results from the cause are coming from the parents or communities, societies, etc, parents need to understand and follow the counselors advice in the situation. Counselors can only do so much, with finding the problems and helping to resolve those problems before it gets out of hand. Parents need to become the responsibility of the children and take charge of the situation. This is when the partnership between the counselor and parents come into factor during sessions. The counselors can do their part with the parents support but the parents over all will be the ones who will take that next step in making a change for their children and the future of their lives and welfare.













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