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A Word from Minister Carmelo Angel

Are we making Christian ethical decisions?

  Are we making Christian ethical decisions?

   by Minister Carmelo Angel


   What is Gods rules or what is the “world” rules? How far is to far when following the worldly ways. Is there black or white when it comes to Gods word or is there a gray in the mix? These are the kind of topics or questions we keep reminding ourselves when it comes to Christian ethics. The world ethics are usually considered on what is right and wrong in the world but when it comes to Christian ethics, we consider what is right or wrong in Gods eyes.

    Plain and simple, when it comes to God, there is no gray area. Gods words stand and with no compromise to change the rules or word. We might think some of Gods rules may not apply to us because the times have changed but Gods spirit and meaning to the word will always imply to our lives, no matter what generation we live or culture we live in. Our responsibilities as Christians is live with a biblical moral perspective. Though the Christian life is much more than a set of rules or principles, these principles provide moral boundaries for behavior.#

    Sometimes as Christians we try to stretch out the box and move outside the boundaries when it comes to morals and ethics. The bible provides us with straight guidelines to follow to help us make morally decisions. Its up to us feel what God is providing in the word and for fill that will that God command us. Many questions, topics,issues can come up through out our lives but everything can be answered in the bible without hassling trying to understand what the world has to say about the issue, when we know Gods will and word come first before all.

     A lot of topics and questions don’t need to much of knowing if we need to make a decision or make morally judgment call, when we know in Gods word he commands that law. Example would be, “should we hate our enemies“? It states in Mathew 5:44, “But I say to you, love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you…”# In this scripture there is no gray area, we must love our enemies as Jesus loved us. We don’t realize sometimes those who hate us and become our enemies need God in their lives and not become an enemy to anyone else. As Christians we need to provide that love for our enemies to feel the holy spirit flow through them to make a change. The world might say “stay away” or “don’t associate with them ever”. That’s when judgment calls only to come to action, especially if we are new born Christians adjusting Gods law after we got use to the world ways.

    Making moral decision to some may say is about listening to conscience but as Christians we listen to our heart. The voices that we hear is not about conscience but about the holy spirit speaking to our heart. In the secular world, the world tends to hide the true meaning about the voices with in ourselves. As Christians we know where the true meaning of the voice comes from. Those who are unbelievers have a “conscience” which lives within their hearts and minds.# To make an ethical decision is to use our moral efforts and listening to our hearts when God guides us to the right path. He will speak to your heart. He will make way and explain what He expects from each of us. We may go what the world might feel is right but our heart makes the decisions, that comes from the voice of the Holy Spirit.

    The Holy Spirit will come clear to our hearts and no matter what the key is to be obedient to Gods word. We can make any excuse to find a boundary to an issue or question but God will speak clear to our hearts and find the answer. The tough part for us Christians is following what Gods word which he had spoken to us in our hearts. Its hard for us Christians when we get tempted or twisted on what ethical solution must be done when the world tells us another way. We are to live our life in the lord. In Romans 14:8 states, “For if we live, we live to the Lord, and we die, we die for the Lord. Therefore, whether we live or die, we are the lords.”# It tells us in Romans, that we must live by our Lord‘s word and any worldly answer shouldn’t have to be included the equation.

    Sometimes we can stretch the ethical boundaries to the limit that we feel that the law doesn’t not imply to us. One example would be “Stealing”. In today’s world of sharing files on the internet it seems harmless to many, especially when sharing products have been done for so many years. When it comes to Christian ethical standards, are we stealing or sharing? Before the time of the internet we can share to maybe to some friends, family, neighbors but now with technology we are able to share to millions across the world, leaving the creators of the projects with nothing in return for their works. Music sharing is been a major topic issue in the past 10 years, are we really share or stealing? The downloading-isn’t-stealing faction makes much of the fact that infringement don’t deprive copyright owners of their works.# Music sharing aren’t the only products being downloaded on cyberspace, software, videos, pictures that are copyrighted projects are also in the mix between share ware files. As Christians, can we safely say we are not stealing? In a way we are participating in the act of sharing copyright files on the web. What does your heart tell you in this matter?

    When it comes to ethics and the boundaries depends on all our hearts. Every day we will be bombarded with topics, issues, questions that will take an effect on what decision we make our lives. As Christians, we just need to understand what God expects from us and in reality we can lie to people but we cant lie to God. The Lord knows our heart and speaks to our hearts every day. Each of must be convinced in our mind when the Lord speaks to us. If we get confused, we should pray. Every morning, day and night we need to communicate with God. Again, when it comes to making an ethical decision relies on the voice of the Holy Spirit. Open your hearts, he speaks to us all the time.










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